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Public consultation in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Complete the regional network of protected areas - Public Consultation Report

After reading the briefs submitted and thoroughly analyzing their content, the MDDELCC will produce a Public Consultation Report, which will also be available on this site.

Next steps

Based on the results of this regional public consultation, and focusing on the territories chosen to become protected areas, the MDDELCC will begin the process toward granting those areas proposed reserve status. This process could take several months.

Briefly, the next steps will consist of:

  • Determining the precise boundaries of the territories chosen to become proposed protected areas;
  • Drafting conservation plans for them;
  • Preparing the documentation required for Cabinet to grant proposed reserve status to those territories;
  • Consulting the government departments and agencies concerned;
  • Consulting the Aboriginal communities concerned;
  • Presentation to Cabinet, and decision to grant the status of proposed aquatic or biodiversity reserve to the territories selected.

Later, the process will begin toward granting these areas permanent protection status, which requires public hearings by the BAPE.

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