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Protected Areas

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Public Land

Aquatic Reserves

Protected area established mainly to protect biodiversity in fresh or salt water aquatic environment and adjacent natural areas.

Biodiversity Reserves

Protected area established to preserve biodiversity in terrestrial environment, especially the representation of the various natural regions of Québec.

Ecological Reserves

  • Ecological Reserves: Naturally Protected Habitats (French)

    • What Is an Ecological Reserve?

    • Why Preserve Lands in Their Natural State?

    • A Vital Learning Tool

    • A sustainable development approach

    • Research in Ecological Reserves

    • Education through Ecological Reserves

  • List of Ecological Reserves (French)

Multipurpose (experimental) Protected Areas (French)

Québec is currently working on developing a new type of protected area: the Multipurpose Protected Area.

The experimental Multipurpose Protected Area is defined as a protected area created for the protection and maintenance of biodiversity whose purpose is to make conservation and sustainable land use highly compatible, even mutually beneficial, while respecting the values associated with each.

National Parks

The primary purpose of these protected areas is to ensure the conservation and permanent protection of areas representative of the natural regions of Québec and of natural sites with outstanding features, in particular because of their biological diversity, while providing the public with access to those areas or sites for educational or cross-country recreation purposes.

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