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Québec’s Rare Bryophytes

Priority Species for Conservation

Bryophytes (hornworts, liverworts and mosses) are a little-known, traditionally overlooked group of plants that cover vast tracts in certain habitats, such as peatbogs and spruce-moss stands. Rare bryophyte species are more diversified in Northern Québec, 70% occur in open environments and many are associated with acidic substrates.

To promote knowledge of and about this plant group, in 2010, the Ministère published this unique volume, which presents the rarest bryophyte species and constitutes an unprecedented effort to identify bryophytes requiring protection in Québec.

For this publication, 182 taxa, representing 22% of Québec’s bryological flora, were selected. These species rank SH or S1 according to NatureServe methodology, meaning that they are at the greatest risk from a conservation standpoint. Each species, complete with a drawing and photograph, is described in terms of its taxonomy, habitat, distribution and threat level (subnational, national and global).

The volume includes a summary table of the characteristics of this plant group, which shows that more than one-third of rare bryophytes are located, at least partially, in protected areas, thereby offering some degree of conservation for more than 80% of the species discussed.

This document (limited print run) is available in PDF format on the Centre de données sur le patrimoine naturel du Québec (CDPNQ) website.

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