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For the Joint Meeting of Ministers of Energy and Environment to be held in Québec City


Québec City, October 13, 2000 – Just a few days away from the Joint Meeting of Ministers of Energy and Environment, where the co-chairs Ministers Jacques Brassard and Paul Bégin will be hosting in Québec City their federal, provincial and territorial counterparts, the Ministers insisted on specifying Québec's expectations regarding the National Strategy on Climate Change that is to be one of the meeting's key talking points.

From the outset, Mr. Bégin stressed that, following the Rio Convention in 1992, Québec has been actively involved in the Climate Change file and this, particularly before and during the International Conference Québec attended in Japan in December 1997, which ended in the adoption of what is now called the Kyoto Protocol. His colleague, Mr. Brassard, recalled that "concerning its areas of responsibilities, Québec is accountable for the implementation of any international convention. And in this respect, in connection with commitments by Québec regarding the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and possibly the Kyoto Protocol, it will be mainly via Québec’s Action Plan on Climate Change 2000-2002 that Québec intends to carry them out in a manner to ensure sustainable development".

For its part, Mr. Bégin wants to reiterate "how important it is for Québec that work on criteria for sharing the Canadian effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions take shape rapidly and in consideration of a fair distribution of the effor on a jurisdiction basis." In this respect, the co-chairs of the meeting, Mr. Brassard and Mr. Bégin, had this item put on the agenda.

The two Québec Ministers said that they will propose to their counterparts the setting up of a committee to review the distribution on a jurisdiction basis inside of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions reduction effort (that can go as far -6% with reference to the 1990 level). In addition, Mr. Brassard will remind his colleagues of the importance of recognizing forest sinks and the role of hydroelectricity in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, both in Canada and at the international level.

Lastly, Mr. Bégin and Mr. Brassard implied that any draft Federal-Provincial-Territorial Framework Agreement on Climate Change would have to comply with Québec’s competence and ensure the Government of Québec's involvement in any decision-making relating to the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol in the relevant sectors under its responsibility.

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Caroline Drouin
Minister’s Press Secretary
Ministry of Environment
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Louise B. Accolas
Minister’s Press Secretary
Ministry of Natural Resources
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