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Press Release

Eastmain 1-A Generating Station Construction Project and Rupert Diversion:


Québec, March 24, 2003 – Mr. André Boisclair, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Greater Montréal, the Environment and Water, today makes public the terms and conditions of the first component of the $200,000 financial assistance program created to support public participation in the consultations on the Eastmain 1-A generating station construction project and Rupert diversion. This program aims at encouraging individuals, groups and local administrations to make known their views on the environmental assessment of Hydro-Québec’s project.

For the first phase of the consultations on the Preliminary Guideline, namely the instructions given to the proponent to carry out its impact study, a first instalment of $50,000 will be distributed to groups and individuals who apply, following a study of their dossier. Applications for financial assistance must be received by April 11th as the consultations on the Preliminary Guideline will be held in the spring. This guideline will be drawn up by the Evaluating Committee created under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement.

Applications from groups and individuals living on the territory most affected by the construction project will be given priority. Applicants must complete the form provided to that effect. A description of the program and application forms are available at the following : the ministère de l’Environnement’s Web site; the ministère de l’Environnement’s information center, in Québec; the local administration offices of the region affected by the project; the ministère de l’Environnement’s regional offices of Montréal and Nord-du-Québec; the Cree Regional Authority office. The Minister will provide, at the appropriate time, the details concerning the payment of the financial support program’s second instalment in the amount of $150,000 for the impact study review.

For further information, contact the Direction des évaluations environnementales du ministère de l’Environnement du Québec, at (418) 521-3933.

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Louise Hamel
Communications Advisor
Direction des communications
Tel.: (418) 521-3823, extension 8025



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