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Press Release

Québec’s Climate Change Action Plan


Québec City, June 15, 2006 – Twenty-four actions will be put in place to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change in key sectors including energy, transportation, industry, residual materials, agriculture, health, environment, natural resources and territory, said Québec Premier Jean Charest and Québec Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks Claude Béchard speaking on the occasion of the launch of Québec’s 2006-2012 Climate Change Action Plan.

The action plan, Québec and Climate Change – A Challenge for the Future, is based on four guiding principles that set forth a clear vision with regard to the fight against climate change. These principles consist of Québec undertaking its responsibilities in its fields of jurisdiction, economic efficiency to preserve the competitiveness of Québec’s companies and complementarity of the interventions. The plan identifies the actions Québec will take, as well as calls on the federal government’s contribution, which is essential in reaching the Kyoto Protocol objectives. With this plan alone, Québec will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 10 million tonnes, leaving the federal government the responsibility of financing an additional reduction of 3.8 million tonnes to enable Québec to reach the target set by the Kyoto Protocol.

To reach its objectives, the government has identified 24 actions, such as setting a speed limit of 105 km/hr. for heavy-duty vehicles and raising its building code standards to improve energy efficiency in new buildings. Funds will also be allocated for public awareness initiatives to raise the population’s awareness of the importance of being active in the fight against climate change.

The plan’s implementation will be financed with $1.2 billion in new funds over six years, that is, $200 million a year paid into the Green Fund. Financing will rely on the polluter-pay principle with a levy on hydrocarbons applied to greenhouse gas emitting companies in the energy sector.

“The action plan we have just released confirms Québec’s commitment to sustainable development and its determination to respect the Kyoto Protocol’s objectives,” said Minister Claude Béchard.

“Together with its federal partner, Québec must develop new greenhouse gas reduction and climate change adaptation initiatives to be implemented in Québec by 2012, and thereby take concrete action toward meeting Canada’s Kyoto objective. The federal government must respond positively to Québec’s leadership to help us meet the objectives we have set,” said Premier Jean Charest.

The 2006-2012 action plan is available for consultation.

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Pascal D’Astous
Press attaché
Office of the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks
Tel.: (418) 521-3911

Hugo D’Amours
Press attaché
Office of the Premier
Tel.: (418) 643-5321


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