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Press Release


Québec, June 19, 2009. – Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks Ms. Line Beauchamp proudly announces the unanimous adoption of Draft Bill 42 to amend the Environmental Quality Act and other legislative provisions in the field of climate change. Thanks to this legislation, the Government of Québec now holds the authority required to contribute to the implementation of the most important Cap-and-Trade system for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in North America, per its commitments to the Western Climate Initiative (WCI).

Unanimous adoption of this important Act by the National Assembly in the wake of massive support expressed by the population during the draft legislation hearings clearly demonstrates Québec’s commitment to remain a leader in the fight against climate change,” declared Minister Beauchamp.

The new legislation will, in particular, allow the government to set emission ceilings throughout Québec, to require that certain emitters compensate for their emissions of GHG by purchasing recognized emission allowances and to provide for payment to the Green Fund of amounts collected as part of the greenhouse gas Cap-and-Trade system.

New provisions have been incorporated into the Act following work by the Transportation and Environmental Committee, including a requirement that the Government of Québec prepare and implement a multi-year action plan on climate change. This measure will ensure that the action undertaken by the current government will continue in the future. This plan will be accompanied by an exhaustive and transparent process for rendering accounts that will allow for monitoring the evolution of how well reduction targets have been reached. There will also be special consultations before a parliamentary committee to establish Québec GHG emission reduction targets.

Because of the implementation of this common market that may eventually link up with other established or developing systems in the United States and elsewhere in the world, Québec industry will have the opportunity to access a vast carbon market, which means that we will be in a better position to reconcile economic growth and the fight against climate change. The WCI market will also encourage development of a viable carbon market in which the Montréal Climate Exchange can play a central role”, the Minister concluded.

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