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Press Release

Water charges


Montréal, December 14, 2010 – Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks Pierre Arcand announced today that the Regulation respecting the charges payable for the use of water will come into effect on January 1st, 2011.

“Today, we are sending a message to water withdrawers and users that it is time to practice responsible use of this resource. We have a great amount of freshwater in Québec and we have a responsibility to take concrete steps to protect it,” Minister Arcand declared.

Charges payable for the use of water will affect all industries that withdraw or use 75 m3 or more water per day, whether it is taken at the source or through a distribution system. An initial rate of $70 per million litres of water ($0.07/m³) withdrawn has been set for industries in the following categories: bottled water, juice and beverages, non-metallic mineral products, agricultural products (pesticides and fertilizers), inorganic chemical products and oil and gas extraction. A lower rate of $2.50 per million litres of water ($0.0025/m³) has been set for all other targeted sectors.

Funds collected through these charges will go entirely to the Green Fund to support a number of government commitments in the areas of integrated water resource management and knowledge acquisition.

“Water is essential to life and is irreplaceable. The Government of Québec has commited to manage it sustainably to ensure its quality and durability. The implementation of this system of charges is part of the range of measures we are taking to complete this important mission,” he concluded.

The full Regulation is available on the Ministère’s Web site at www.mddefp.gouv.qc.ca.

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