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Québec Water Strategy 2017-2032

Water and aquatic ecosystems are essential to life. They fulfill essential ecological functions that contribute to our health, well-being and prosperity.

In recent years, the Government of Québec has carried out numerous actions designed to protect this resource, which is both vulnerable and finite. Nearly 15 years after the adoption of the Québec Water Policy, we clearly need to confront these new challenges, in particular in regard to adaptation to climate change and land planning.

In unveiling the new Québec Water Strategy 2017–2032, which will be implemented by means of action plans, Québec seeks to bolster its water management by adopting a more flexible and evolutionary approach to the problem. In addition to mobilizing all of society’s actors, the strategy will focus on current and anticipated governance, environmental, societal and economic state action related to the protection and development of water resources and aquatic ecosystems. With this strategy in hand, we will continue to adjust and move forward with the steps we have already taken to adapt to climate change, protect drinking water sources and showcase the potential for sustainable development in Québec’s water sector.

A public consultation on the vision, focus for action and policy directions of the future Québec Water Strategy was held from October 7 to October 28, 2016. After reviewing the comments and suggestions that were received, the Ministère will produce a summary report on the public consultation, which will also be available on this website. The recommendations will serve to enrich the reflective process leading to the Québec Water Strategy 2017–2032, whose adoption will make it possible to set the strategic framework that will guide the implementation of measures aimed at preserving our water and aquatic ecosystems in the coming years, for the benefit of current and future generations.




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