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Residual Hazardous Materials Management

Production of annual report or statement

Updated: Février 2014

GMDR software package

 New 7.0 version of the GMDR software package to download

Improvements have been made to the Residual Hazardous Materials Management (GMDR) software package to correct problems reported by users and issues involved in submitting statements and reports to the Ministère.

To ensure that you do not lose your data from prior years, please refer to the GMDR software installation guide before installing the new version.

Important: If the software version on your workstation is GMDR 5.0 or an earlier version, please contact the Ministère (French) before installing version 7.0 of the GMDR.

To find out which version is installed on your workstation, follow the steps described under the bullet “Vérifiez quelle version du logiciel GMDR est déjà installée sur votre poste de travail” (check which version of the GMDR software is already installed on your workstation) in section 1 “Vérification des préalables à l’installation du logiciel GMDR” (checking the prerequisites for installing the GMDR software) in the installation guide.

Executable GMDR file

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